Sunday, July 24, 2011

Historic Headlines Collaboration

A true winner for Social Studies teachers in all grade levels is the recently announced collaboration between the New York Times Learning Network and finding Dulcinea in creating an interactive ‘Today in History’ site.

While the Times has had an excellent "Today in History" site - my browser goes to their page when I open my Internet Explorer - they have been working on revising the site.

The NY Times Learning Network stated, concerning an effort to make the NY Times Today In History more interesting and relevant to students, that:

So, to make each day in history a bigger part of the blog, and to help students see how events in the past still resonate today, we’re creating a new daily post that explores a famous event and connects it to something in the news now.

How will this work? The Times article stated that:

staff members from findingDulcinea will write a short daily account of what led up each historical event, what happened that day, and what has happened since. They will then provide a brief “Connect to Today” section that looks at parallels of some kind in current news.

This should provide informative, interactive, and relevant historical information to any teacher who wants to work in the ‘Today in History’ concept in their classroom.

Meanwhile, there is one more site that might be of interest to you for current events, Today in History, type of information that I just discovered - Sweet Search 2 Day. Check it out.

Try it… and see if you like it. All it takes to participate is to create a bookmark, then to visit it regularly!

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